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We are a private, self funded, company based in Australia. Our laboratory is the result of over 6 years of research and development into the question "Do mycotoxins exist within our breathable air in high enough quantities to pose a health risk?"  Whilst we are not medical practitioners, we believe the answer is definitely yes.

Our collective expertise includes Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety and the Nursing professions. We have set specific criteria relating to sample collection so that we are always comparing like with like. We have built a database of results from homes with current water damage or mould, and homes without a history of mould or water damage.  This has enabled us to determine a background baseline from which we can draw comparative results.  Our protocols and criteria mean that we can confidently report back to our clients in a consistent format.

We have now licenced our technology to laboratories in the United States as well as the United Kingdom giving access to people all over the world to our specialized services.


Environmental commitment

21st Global Pty Ltd prides itself on our very low carbon emission status having refined our processes, recycling, and reduction of non-renewable items, wherever possible.  We provide our reports via electronic communication and encourage our clients to consider the environment when choosing to print documents.

Privacy and Confidentiality

21st Global Pty Ltd respects the privacy and confidentiality of our clients at all times.  Where data is included in our research, no personal identifying information is used unless written authorization to disclose such information has been sought and received from the client.

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