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Mycotoxins are the “toxic” portion of the term “toxic black mold”.

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Water damage or fungal growth, either current or historical, can often contribute to ill health. Mycotoxins attributed to fungal growth and/or water damage can linger long after fungal growth has been removed.  You can’t see them, but you may be feeling their effects. 

Many varieties of fungi can produce more than one variety of mycotoxin.  Without testing, it is not possible to know if, or what kind, of mycotoxin may be present.

Whilst we are hearing more and more about mycotoxins, they have existed for as long as mould, first mentioned in biblical times. During the 20th century, mycotoxins became regulated within our food and feed industries.  Now in the 21st century concerns are for our indoor environments.

We are a laboratory providing analysis of an airborne indoor air sample.  We cannot offer medical advice and would strongly advise anyone experiencing symptoms that they believe to be associated with toxins to consult a medical professional.

We can help by identifying whether, or not, mycotoxins within your built environment may be contributing to your symptoms.

More information about specific mycotoxins may be found on the CDC website at:

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